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Since 2005, FUGE has dedicated to produce hose forming machines, bellow forming machines and investment casting machine.

Our investment casting equipment includes core leaching autoclave, dewaxing autoclave, wax injection machine, ceramic core injection machine. Our core leaching autoclave is widely used by turbine blades manufacturers.

Besides, we have delivered variety of expansion joint forming machines and investment casting machines to the worldwide leading factories, such as auto punch bellow expansion joint forming machine, hydraulic hose bellow forming machine, mechanical hose forming machine, tube mill, tube expander, Vanstone machine.

Our bellow and expansion joint forming machine has utilized our patent technology of rotating salver. Also the auto punch bellow forming machine is updated to form different pitch and convolution height in auto status.

There are also bellow forming machines to form square bellow and ellipse bellow, multiple ply square and ellipse bellow with only one seam.

We have a technical team consisting of 9 engineers to help you design bellow and expansion joint forming machines, hose forming machines, as well as core leaching autoclave and dewaxing autoclaves.

Our new idea of smart workshop is on the way: all these machines  like bellow hose forming machines, core leaching autoclave and dewaxing autoclaves will be operated by manipulators. We aim at building the automatic factories in future.
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