Expansion Joint Bellow Forming Machine
Expansion Joint Forming Machine
FUGE auto punch bellow expansion joint forming machine is divided into several ranges: DN100-1200mm, DN100-1600mm, DN1500-5000mm, DN3000-7000mm other range customized.

Our expansion joint bellow forming machine is updated to form different expansion joint pitch and convolutions, meeting various requirement for different metal expansion joint shapes.  

Auto expansion joint machine adopts our patent technology of rotating salver and the cones retract system; FUGE bellow forming machines use Siemens PLC and German Balluff sensors and servo motors to acheive more precise expansion joint convolution; the punch bellow forming machine owns 3 working positions and can form 3 bellows at the same time.

The auto expansion joint bellow forming machine is used to make metal expansion joint, which is also called matal bellow, and widely applied on various powerplant pipeline and oil transmission pipeline. Now punch forming is the best machine to form big size expansion joints. 

Compensator/bellows/expansion joints punch forming machine supports remote control. If necessary, our expansion joint forming machine can be equipped with manipulator and connected to a computer, thus it engineers can control the expansion joit forming even thousand miles away. 

The mechanical expansion joint forming machine is powerful enough for multiple layers of bellow and different materials, such as SS, and Inconel.  

Til now, we have delivered variety of expansion joint forming machines to the worldwide leading factories, such as auto punch bellow expansion joint forming machine, hydraulic hose bellow forming machine, mechanical hose forming machine, tube mill, tube expander, Vanstone machine.

FUGE have a technical team consisting of 9 engineers to help you design bellow and expansion joint forming machines, hose forming machines, as well as core leaching autoclave and dewaxing autoclaves.

Our new idea of smart workshop is on the way: all these machines  like bellow hose forming machines, core leaching autoclave and dewaxing autoclaves will be operated by manipulators. We aim at building the automatic factories in future.

Our automatic bellows forming machine serviced hundreds of bellow manufacturers all over the world, from Germany, UK, USA, CANADA,Japan, South Korea, Finland, Czech, France, India and so on... 

Re-rolling Machine
bellow forming machine

Bellow re-rolling machine includes DN100-1200mm, DN 860-3000mm, bigger size can be customed. 

The Bellows re-roller is used to modify the bellow’s shape after convolution formed by the auto punch bellow forming machine. It can increase the convolution height and narrow the pitch, to make up the deformed convolution shape and specification caused by material ductility. 

There are 2 types of bellow re-roller: one type is to auto control the pressing distance through the Siemens control system, the other one is manually control the pressing distance by an operator.  

Tube Expander
Tube Expander

Tube expander diameter can be customized; the most commonly used range is between DN100-1200mm.

Tube expander is also known as cake expander, and can be used to expand the pipe of more than 10 mm. Siemens control system is adopted to control the expanding stroke automatically. 

Spring Bellow Forming Machine
Spring Bellow Forming Machine

1.Diameter of spring bellow machines are divided 5 machines to cover  DN10-150.

2.The spring bellow forming machine is used for making highly precise bellows, efficient and easy. The bellows made out of spring bellow forming machine features for its high flexibility. 

Auto Trimming Machine
Auto Trimming Machine

1. Auto pipe trimming machine applies to:DN100-1000mm

2.Working thickness for auto trimming machine : 4-10mm.

Auto Trimming & Vanstone Machine
Auto Trimming & Vanstone Machine

1. Auto Trimming/cutting and Vanstone machine applies to: DN150-1000   

2. Max thickness of bellows for auto cutting function: 3.5 mm

3. Max angle of expansion joints for auto Vanstone function: 90°

Rectangular Expansion Joint Bending Machine
Rectangular Expansion Joint Forming Machine

Rectangular expansion joint corner bending machine is used to form each corner portion of the rectangular expansion joints. The corner bending machine tooling is highly precise to avoid wrinkles during bending. FUGE rectangular corner bellow machine applies to various material such as SS, carbon steel and so on. 

Except for the current expansion joint machine specification, new rectangular bellow specification can be customed based on different requirement. 

Bellow Forming Machine

Multi-layer square & ellipse bellow forming machine can form the square and ellipse bellow with only 1 seam line. 

The Multi-layer square & ellipse bellow forming machine is powerful enough for multiple layers of bellow in different stainless steel. 

Seam Welder
Seam Welder

Seam welder is used to weld a short piece of coil into pipe.

FUGE designs the seam welder applicable to various material. It’s also installed with auto wire feeder for thick pipe, and also configured with option for auto alignment device as to help operator handling the seam welder easier.

Circle Welder
Circle Welder

Resistance circle welder is capable of welding multiple plies of material together.

There are different models of resistance circle welder to meet customers’ requirement for various thickness and current type. 
Welding Positioner
Welding Positioner
Welding position is an equipment to carry bellow and flange when welding them together. 

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