Wax injection machine
Wax injection machine

FUGE wax injection machine is specially designed for producing small size, high precision and complicated wax patterns in the investment casting process. FUGE provides a wide range of wax injection machine and become the leading wax injection machine manufacturers in the industry. FUGE wax injection machine is widely used in aerospace investment casting and high end precision casting area. 

FUGE wax injection machine features :

Advanced Control System:

Independent temperature control partitions(control temperature for wax of partitions);Accurate wax flow and Injection Pressure.

Convenience : Maximum memory is 50 sets parameters .

Safety : Auto alarm system to fix faults in time.

Leaching Autoclave
Leaching Autoclave

The Leaching Autoclave is designed for removing the ceramic cores out of various investment casting pieces. FUGE leaching autoclave is delivered to the aerospace turbine blades manufacturers all over the world and became the most advanced equipment in the industry. Except for the ceramic core leaching autoclave, we also can customize the core leaching autoclave for aluminum core.

FUGE leaching autoclave is widely used in high end precision castings manufacturing, and turns to be the most important core equipment during the investment casting production. 

FUGE leaching autoclaves help customers to remove the ceramic cores out of the precision castings under support of strong technical background. 

Key features:

Efficiency : FUGE core leaching autoclave completes core leaching within several hours

Safety :  FUGE core leaching autoclave has no caustic liquid and air leaking to ensure the safety of environment and operator during its running .

Stability : FUGE core leaching autoclave uses international brand key parts to ensure the reliable and stable running.

Saving cost:  FUGE core leaching autoclave use caustic and water circulating system aims to save costs.

APC:  FUGE core leaching autoclave is easy to operate and maintain through Siemens PLC control system and “FUGE” Advanced control technology.

Telecommunication: FUGE core leaching autoclave has remote monitoring system facilitates the diagnosis and maintenance of the autoclave .   

Dewaxing Autoclave
Dewaxing Autoclave

FUGE dewaxing autoclave uses the high temperature and high pressure steam to remove wax from ceramic shell mold. FUGE dewaxing autoclave adopts the Siemens control system to automate the dewaxing process. In the whole process of lost wax, our dewaxing autoclave needs no labor to operate the machine. Installed with double safety protection devices on our dewaxing autoclave, FUGE boilerclave works at reliable and safe condition. 


Efficiency: Designed as an integration of the steam boiler and dewaxing chamber to save space and promote efficiency.

Easy operation:Easy to operate in automatic and manual mode.

Fast: Double layers pressure vessel takes short time for pressure balance, and the time can be adjusted on certain conditions.

Stability: Siemens PLC programmable controller with strong anti-interference ability and stable performance.

Traceability: Paperless recorder to monitor the whole working status, and allow user downloads the technical process data for analysis.

Green Optional Heat Recovery Unit to save cost.

Parameter list

Ceramic injection machine
Ceramic injection machine

FUGE ceramic core injection machine helps you to build the most solid and precise ceramic core pieces. Our ceramic core injection machine owns 7 independent temperatures control zone as to avoid any bubbles or air pockets inside the ceramic cores. The ceramic core pattern out of our ceramic core injection machine has been approved by many turbine blades manufacturers. FUGE injection machine becomes the most advanced injection machine in this industry. 

Key features: 

Operation: Easy to operate in manual and automatic modes .

Reasonable structure: C-Frame to save space .

Convenience : HMI is to display the parameters of auto setting pressure .

Multi-protection: It equipped with multi-protection for nozzle position , overpressure, dual temperature , pinch hand .

Advanced Control System: Precisely control temperature,flow and pressure for injecting , to ensure the qualify of ceramic cores.

Vacuum precision casting equipment
Vacuum precision casting equipment

Vacuum precision casting furnace is designed for Melting heat-resistant high-temperature alloy material,and Casting of Equiaxed under vacuumed condition as well as for directionally solidified (DS) or single crystal (SC) structures .

Vacuum Precision Casting Furnace Efficiency :Crucible Basket to ensure fast crucible exchange and continuous operation.

Vacuum Precision Casting Furnace Easy operation: Humanized operation interface; rotary tower charging and temperature measuring devices to freely switch between load charge material and read temperature.

Vacuum Precision Casting Furnace Stability :Equipment is driven by servomotor and cylinder.

Vacuum Precision Casting Furnace Safety:It equipped with powerful water cooling system and ultra-low leak rate.

Vacuum Precision Casting Furnace Automation: Each part is correlated from evacuation to mold withdrawal.

Vacuum Precision Casting Furnace Green : Coaxial power cables and coaxial power feed to reduce electromagnetic leakage.

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