Mechanical hose forming machine
Mechanical hose forming machine

There are lots of advantages on the mechanical hose forming machine. The most extradinary features making it different from other is the high production due to combination of tube mill and hose forming portion. 

1.Range: DN6-25/ DN 32-50mm

2.Thickness: 0.15-0.3mm
3.Continuous annular hose forming machine includes 2 parts: pipe welding & hose forming.
Insert the stainless steel sheet into the machine, it can form the required hose directly.
4.It can be updated to form annular hose as flexible as spring, 1/4 of original pitch can be reduced.
5.The hose length is unlimited because of the continuity of the machine.
6. Easy operated, but highly productive with more than 50 meter per hour.

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