Vacuum precision casting equipment
Vacuum precision casting equipment

Vacuum precision casting furnace is designed for Melting heat-resistant high-temperature alloy material,and Casting of Equiaxed under vacuumed condition as well as for directionally solidified (DS) or single crystal (SC) structures .

Vacuum Precision Casting Furnace Efficiency :Crucible Basket to ensure fast crucible exchange and continuous operation.

Vacuum Precision Casting Furnace Easy operation: Humanized operation interface; rotary tower charging and temperature measuring devices to freely switch between load charge material and read temperature.

Vacuum Precision Casting Furnace Stability :Equipment is driven by servomotor and cylinder.

Vacuum Precision Casting Furnace Safety:It equipped with powerful water cooling system and ultra-low leak rate.

Vacuum Precision Casting Furnace Automation: Each part is correlated from evacuation to mold withdrawal.

Vacuum Precision Casting Furnace Green : Coaxial power cables and coaxial power feed to reduce electromagnetic leakage.

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