Leaching Autoclave
Leaching Autoclave

The Leaching Autoclave is designed for removing the ceramic cores out of various investment casting pieces. FUGE leaching autoclave is delivered to the aerospace turbine blades manufacturers all over the world and became the most advanced equipment in the industry. Except for the ceramic core leaching autoclave, we also can customize the core leaching autoclave for aluminum core.

FUGE leaching autoclave is widely used in high end precision castings manufacturing, and turns to be the most important core equipment during the investment casting production. 

FUGE leaching autoclaves help customers to remove the ceramic cores out of the precision castings under support of strong technical background. 

Key features:

Efficiency : FUGE core leaching autoclave completes core leaching within several hours

Safety :  FUGE core leaching autoclave has no caustic liquid and air leaking to ensure the safety of environment and operator during its running .

Stability : FUGE core leaching autoclave uses international brand key parts to ensure the reliable and stable running.

Saving cost:  FUGE core leaching autoclave use caustic and water circulating system aims to save costs.

APC:  FUGE core leaching autoclave is easy to operate and maintain through Siemens PLC control system and “FUGE” Advanced control technology.

Telecommunication: FUGE core leaching autoclave has remote monitoring system facilitates the diagnosis and maintenance of the autoclave .   

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