Bellow Forming Machine

FUGE accummulated abundant experience in making expansion joint bellow forming machines after our foundation in 2005. 

Auto punch bellow forming machine has experienced 3 phases from manual updated to fully automatic. The first generation expansion joint forming machine needs human labor to rotate the pipe during each time of forming. The second generation was configured with auto rotating system, which releases labor occupation and control the pipe movement automatically during each forming. The third generation is upgraded to form different convolution and height. 

Many customers from Europe / Asia / America kept buying our auto punch bellow forming machine. Til now hundreds of world leading expansion joint manufacturers have benefited from FUGE auto mechanical expansion joint forming machine. 

FUGE  bellow forming machines have left traces all around the world, and you can find FUGE bellow forming machines have serviced customesrs from German, France, Italy, Canada, USA, India, South Korea, Japan, Braizil......  


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