Fuge Core Leaching Autoclave, all decided by quality.

Fuge Core Leaching Autoclave, all decided by quality.

Fuge Core Leaching Autoclave is mainly used to remove silicon - and aluminum-based ceramic cores from complex workpieces to form an air cavity.

Air cavity will be crucial to the High-end precision cast parts such as aircraft turbine blades.

To Ensure product surface quality while removing the core in the inner cavity, this depends on whether the performance of the core leaching reactor can be up to standard in many aspects.

First,whether the core leaching speed is fast enough.

Next, whether the core leaching process is safe.

Third, whether the core leaching status is stable.

Finally, whether the core-leaching cost is controllable.

To meet all the requirements on Core Leaching Autoclave, FUGE will provide you with a one-stop solution.

First, the time of Core Leaching Autoclave is adjustable, and the core leaching can be completed in a few hours to ensure that the speed is fast enough.

The parts of Fuge Core Leaching Autoclave in contact with the lye are all made of anti-caustic material. It is equipped with safety interlock kettle door to ensure no corrosive substances overflow and ensure safety.

Third, Fuge Core Leaching Autoclave using Siemens control system, as to make sure the process stable.

Finally, Fuge Core Leaching Autoclave is equipped with water and alkalis recycle system, saving cost.

In addition, Fuge Core Leaching Autoclave can also be configured with remote control system to reduce their support costs through remote diagnostics to troubleshoot.

Quality first, and technology boost.

Fuge Core Leaching Autoclave now can be configured with intelligent production lines, the core leaching process is automatically operated by the manipulator, achieving intelligent production lines.

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